Set list

A random pick of the collections of song we perform live on stage. Every  song is injected with a Midnight Experience vibe, so power to the max.

Midnight Experience  – Travelling man
Midnight Experience – Back to yesterday
Thin Lizzy –  Jail Break
Black Crows – Remedy
Whitesnake – Guilty of love
Whitesnake – Ready and Willing
Whitesnake – Gimme all youre love tonight
Black crows – Sister luck
ZZ-Top – Just got paid
Dead lord – Hammer tot the Heart
UFO – We belong to the night
Thin Lizzy – Dont believe a word
Dead Lord – Hank
Thin Lizzy – Waiting for an alibi
Whitesnake – Walking in the shadow of the blues
The Darkness- Open Fire
The Cult – Little Devil
Deep Purple – Strange kind of woman
AC/DC – Shook me all night long
Van Halen – Aint talking bout love
Thin Lizzy – Dancing in the moonlight
Thin Lizzy – Suicide
Deep Purple – Hush (Gothard)
Thin Lizzy – Boys are back in town
Thin Lizzy – Cowboysong
Whitesnake -Fool for youre loving
Love thing – Stillwater
Wishingwell – Blackfoot